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Paytesters : Xavier Beauprés, Éric Bourassa, Éric Chénard, Jean-Charle Duhamel, Frédéric  Fournier, Hugo Gendron, Alexandre Gagné, Sébastien Gagné, Tommy Gaudet, Benjamin Guay, Danny Lapointe, Olivier Lasonde, Laurent, Dominic Mailloux, Mathieu Mailloux, des ninjas, Laurence Turcotte Fraser,  Mymi, Raphael, Rémy, Nicolas Rochette, Maxime Mongrain, François Lalonde, Jen-Philippe Perreault, Franck Formantin, Caroline Lamoureux, Jérôme Décarie, Nicolas Gagnon, Sandra Barthelemy, Anne-Marie Gariépy, Carminda Mac Lorin, Kevin Gravier, Élisabeth Duchaine-Baillargeon, David Duperret, David Capon, Andreea Cruceru, Justin Bazoge, Antony Pelletier, Jean St-Pierre, Simon Ouimet, Frédéric Rondeau, Marie-Claude St-Pierre, Philippe Tremblay, Aurore Alessandra, Jean-Michel Clavel, Rachel Clavel, Alexandre Fournelle, Guillaume Beauchamp, Amielle Beauchamp, Marcela Molinié, Marianne Tremblay-Gosselin and any other playtester we forgot!

Others : Céline Turcotte for help with accounting and French corrections, and Allison Kimberley Ryan for English corrections.

Creating a boardgame is a long process!

These pictures show the evolution of “The Road to New Eden”, from an idea to a finished product!

Our games Tampica and Dernier Épisode followed a very similar creative process.
These projects would not have been possible without help from the aforementioned people.

Huge thanks to all of you!