Rule Variations

Par Antoine Joie
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Last Issue encourages creativity and may be modified at will! Feel free to try these variations on the core rules or even invent your own twists!

NEMESIS: When a player captures two cards of the same Supervillain, he gets +1 Point for each of these cards.

INFINITY AND BEYOND: Each player may invent his Hero’s Power. Use pen and paper instead of Power cards.

REALITY SHOW: Players AND audience vote for each Speaking Round’s best story.

DESTINY: Each player receives only 1 Origin card and 1 Power card at the beginning of the game.

FREE WILL: Starting with the first player, each player chooses his 2 starting cards from all Origin and Power cards revealed face up on the table.

CHILD KINGS: All Interaction tokens are used as MEIN! token.

THE END IS NIGH: As soon as a player captures his 3rd Villain card (2nd in a 6-players game), he must use his next Speaking Round to draw 3 Ending cards and initiate the Ending phase.

WINNERS DON’T USE DRUGS, ONLY TOKENS: Interaction tokens are not discarded after use and may be played again later. Each player may still play only one Interaction token per Speaking Round. Beware: games played with this rule may be much longer!

BLIND LAWYER : Supervilains are all placed face down on the table. When a player draws a Supervilain card, he places it face down among other Supervilain cards on the table, without looking at it. A Supervilain card is only revealed when a player tries to capture it. Once revealed, a card stays face up for the rest of the game.

CHAOS : Players are retired Supervilains who fought other Supervillains! Instead of an Origin card, each player starts the game with a Supervillain card. Choose your Power card freely. Il a player’s Supervilain is represented on more than one card, remove his other cards from the Supervilain deck. Play the game using the regular rules. At the end of the game, players score 1 bonus point for each Evil Plan successfully told in their stories.

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Dernier Episode
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